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Customize Your Bags Yourself! Iron On Transfer Paper

Transferring your iron on transfer image is as easy and only takes four easy steps

1. Using an ink jet printer, print your image.

2. Let the ink printed on the iron-on transfer dry thoroughly before handling.

3. Trim away any un-printed paper around your image that you do not want to transfer this will make for a much cleaner print.

4. Transfer your image onto your fabric using either a hand iron or commercial heat press.

What You'll Need to make iron on transfers

1. An image in a digital format scanned or downloaded from a camera

2. Pre-washed and dried 50/50 blend or 100% white or light color cotton fabric, T-shirt etc.

3. Iron-on inkjet transfer paper.

4. A color inkjet printer.

5. Hand iron or a commercial heat press.

6. A flat, hard, smooth, non-porous ironing surface.

7. A clean soft cloth. Printing your image -

Printing Instructions for Iron On Transfers

When you are ready to print your image, follow these steps: Make sure that you have selected 'Mirror', 'Flip', 'Reverse' or a similar setting in your application, if it is required, so that the image will be printed backwards. If there is no text in your image, you may not have to reverse your image. Test by printing your image on a sheet of plain paper. If you are satisfied with how your image looks, insert a single sheet of iron on transfer paper in your printer. It is easy to tell which side to print on, as one side is blank (to print on), and one side has the line. Make sure that the iron on transfer paper is not creased or curled. In your printer driver, select the highest dpi setting and the correct paper setting for your type of printer:

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